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So how much will it cost to win this fight?

With the help of our counsel, we have come up with a reasonably accurate forecast of likely costs.


The chart below shows when we are likely to incur the larger costs.

We estimate that in total we will need £50,000 for stage one and if it comes to it £100,000 for stage two.


How are we going to pay for this

  • Well, it's simple really we need your help and the help of anyone that has a stake in these developments!!

  • The key here is numbers - the more people willing to help the lower the cost per person.

  • The chart below shows the cost per person split between 1000, 2000 and 5000 people.


How Funds Will Be Controlled.


  • Before any amount is spent it must be agreed by at least 5 members of the Steering Group. They will be guided by our Barrister and will wish to see a 50% plus the likelihood of success if a legal issue is being considered


  • All spend and financial commitments will be made public at all times as well as the balance of the account.


  • We are working with our solicitor to ensure every possible safeguard is in place.


  • At the end of the campaign, any residual funds will be split between several local charities. We will arrange for these to be selected by people who have donated or pledged funds.


We hope you care enough and are able to help if so hit the donate but now. 


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