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Our Purpose.

This website has been established to challenge Suffolk Coastal District Council's intention to develop greenbelt agricultural land within the Kirton and Trimley Parishes. Whilst the Council's goal of assisting local industry and creating employment opportunities is to be applauded, nominating Innocence Farm for industrial development will not achieve that goal.  Additionally with the local housing quota exceeded already there is no reason to sacrifice quality farmland for this purpose either.

The site concerns itself, in the main with Innocence Farm which, technically speaking, falls within the Parish of Trimley.  However, the proposed housing developments are of huge concern also.  Both would eat up vast tranches of prime agricultural land and would have knock-on effects on everyone living within 5 miles of the two Parishes.

Jane McCarthy

I lived in Trimley St.Mary for 31 years, moving from Ipswich to give my children a country childhood, and to be part of a village community.

For 10 years I was Supervisor of The First Stop Playgroup, based at the school.


I now live in Kirton, which is a beautiful village with a true sense of community.

I have a great love of nature and wildlife. In the fields behind my house I regularly spot Buzzards, which 20 years ago I would not have seen in this area.

There have even been Red Kites here. Each year we have a new batch of Tawny and Little Owls, and Bats flitting over Kirton.


All these habitats would disappear if our Greenfield Sites continue to be concreted over.

We are just custodians of our green peninsular.

We do not have the right to destroy it for our future generations.

Stephen Wrinch

Chairman and Spokesman

My name is Stephen Wrinch and I am the person who started the Kirton & Trimley Land Grab Campaign.

I passionately believe we should not be burying prime agricultural land in concrete, destroying valuable wildlife habitats in the process. I consider there has to be a compelling need if we are to sacrifice our land heritage in this way and no such need is evident. For me, the proposed housing developments in Trimley St Martin are unsustainable and the SCDC’s plans to lay waste to Innocence Farm amount to nothing short of Eco-vandalism.

Becca Atherstone

Media and Enviromental

I am a retired TV journalist.

I live in Trimley St Martin. My joy is wildlife and gardening. For many years I have planted trees, shrubs and flowers to attract all creatures great and small.

These are some of the animals I have seen in the garden.

Fox, deer, badger, hedgehog, weasel, bat, pheasant, partridge, woodpecker, owl, rabbit, shrew, field mouse and mole. Butterflies, bees, dragonflies, ….insects aplenty. I have managed to identify over 30 species of birds. There are some spectacular birds of prey.

If we allow this work to proceed then we are on a path to wreck our Environment and the Habitats of all these creatures we cannot let this happen.

It is prime agricultural land that will be ripped up and concreted over. We will leave our generations to come with light pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and overcrowding. The wildlife will be gone.

It would be a scandalous urbanisation of Trimley St Martin and Kirton.

Our Domesday Book villages will be swallowed up and ruined.

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