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We have a number of core objectives and this page will be updated to show these objectives and the progress made towards them.


Action proposed:

Giving full support to the Kirton & Falkenham Countryside's Campaign - please see They are absolutely correct to encourage individual letters of objection.  Group petitions tend to be viewed as a 'single' objection.  This said, there can be other reasons for launching a petition and we may yet launch one.  Please give us your views.. 


As regards Trinity College, we have launched an online petition targeting the Trustees of Trinity College, Cambridge that has numbered 600+ signatories in its first week. This can be accessed at



Action proposed:


Offering people the opportunity to acquire placards, for posting inside or outside their properties.  It is hoped streets throughout the area can be 'painted white'.  To be clear, these are only proposing "SAY NO TO THE SCDC LOCAL PLAN" whilst greenbelt agricultural land in the Kirton, Falkenham, Trimley and Levington parishes remains in the Local Plan. The same message may apply in other parishes, but we have only researched the situation in the parishes mentioned above


A2 (external) & A3 (internal)-placards will be available shortly.  If you wish to acquire them, you will have a choice of two options.


Option 1 is a simple paper poster that can be adhered to the inside of an upstairs or downstairs window. 


Option 2 is a Correx weatherproof board, essentially a sandwich-type material with a double-skin construction, that can be displayed externally.  


Needless to say, the Correx boards cannot be provided free-of-charge, but we have had some very kind offers since launching the web site and no longer want people to order placards from ourselves.  We're hoping we'll shortly be able to provide internal placards free-of-charge and external placards for a very small cost.  Once we've advised the price, we will take orders for the weatherproof version.and we will be contacting those people who have ordered already, with a view to returning their payment.


WATCH THIS SPACE! we will update this section of the web site on Thursday, 6th September, 2018

Please ignore any payment buttons below - they will be removed very shortly.


Action proposed:

Establishing a local social media campaign. The power of social media is well-established.  People wishing to express their feelings are invited to use their preferred social media channel prior to14th September 2018. 


It is hoped a huge expression of support can be mustered for the aims and objectives of this site. In an attempt to help with this we intend creating accounts for the site with the main social networks.  This should happen prior to the end of August, 2018


Action proposed:

Publicly criticising the anti-social actions of the Trinity College Trustees and inviting the support of past, current and potential students. A petition has been registered at The support of anyone linked to the College would be appreciated. Evidence to date gives the impression the Trustees like to lurk behind the scenes and pay others to do their dirty work for them.  Nonetheless and in the final analysis, they are the people responsible for the actions their agents take in their name.  In the context of Innocence Farm, and as pointed out earlier in this site, they have a strong incentive to acquire any form of planning consent, other than the current (but relatively low value) approval for green belt farmland!  They will not be unaware of the blight their actions would bring to the surrounding communities, if approved.  They must know also of the strength of local opposition to their plans. This site does not argue with the notion that Trustees everywhere have a responsibility to optimise the asset value of those they represent.  However, we submit such rights cannot be exercised if the result is a wholescale lack of social responsibility. We consider this to be particularly the case when the Trustees represent a famous and extremely wealthy institution (assets exceed £1.3 Billion), whose good name they are going to tarnish.


Please make your feelings known to them using any social media site of your choice.  Or write to the Trustees c/o The Bursar, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

We offer the following communication links:

The Trustees of Trinity College, c/o The Bursar, Trinity College, Cambridge


Facebook page :


Trinity College Facebook Groups

The Trinity College Twitter page with approx 9000 followers is:

The Wikipedia page is:,_Cambridge

Other links will be listed, in due course

At the time of Publishing this web site, we do not have the contact details of for individual Trustees.  However, where these are publicly available, we have little doubt, you will let us know!


Action proposed:

As far as it is possible to do so, we intend contacting the current individual trustees to establish where they stand on this matter. 


It would be unfair to tar all the Trustees with a common black brush.  It is recognised many of them may be wholly opposed to the inclusion of Innocence Farm within the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan.


This page is reserved to record individual Trustee sympathies, once known. They are invited to register their position by writing


Action proposed:

Whilst it is accepted District Councillors have a responsibility to think of the broad interests of the District, it is argued they have a greater responsibility to respect the clear wishes of any one or more of the communities who have elected them to office.

We say to all Councillors in the strongest possible terms, if it is evident a Council proposal flies in the face of the wishes of any particular ward, then every single Councillor has a moral responsibility to honour the wishes of that ward.  It is not sufficient to view the problem from a distance just because "it's not in my back yard"! .  In this context, they should note that 100+ people attended an impromptu meeting at Kirton Village Hall on 24th August, 2018.  They are only the tip of the iceberg.

It goes without saying, those Councillors who fail to support the Kirton, Falkenham and Trimley communities, can expect a backlash at future local elections.  Indeed, we will actively campaign against their re-appointment.  It would appear also, many Councillors have been "frightened off" when it comes to expressing their current view. We would ask them to note they are NOT pre-determining their voting position by expressing their sympathy for our message.  Their legal position is as follows  


Section 25 of the Localism Act 2011 clarifies that a member is not to be regarded as being unable to act fairly or without bias if they participate in a decision on a matter simply because they have previously expressed a view or campaigned on it. Members may campaign and represent their constituents – and then speak and vote on those issues – without fear of breaking the rules on pre-determination. Members may also speak with developers and express positive views about development. A distinction can be drawn between pre-determination and pre-disposition. Members must not have a closed mind when they make a decision, as decisions taken by those with pre-determined views are vulnerable to successful legal challenge. At the point of making a decision, members must carefully consider all the evidence that is put before them and be prepared to modify or change their initial view in the light of the arguments and evidence presented. Then they must make their final decision at the meeting with an open mind based on all the evidence.”


Action proposed:

In line with the preceding Action Point, and similar to the Trinity College Trustees, it is recognised many Councillors will remain open-minded but will have a current view that is instinctively against this development.  Accordingly, this page is intended to offer Councillors a platform for expressing their observations. 

Councillors are invited to write to should they wish to do so, indicating clearly what they are happy to have published.


Action proposed:

Action 8 - Commencing a longer-term campaign aimed at ensuring any Councillor who fails to support our position at the Council ballot box is voted out of office at the next local election. 

We anticipate success in our quest to have Innocence Farm removed from the Local Plan.  However, either way, any Councillor who fails to support us is not, in our view, fit to represent their current ward.  We expect to generate a huge swell of social media support as this campaign progresses and we will use these connections to identify any Councillor who fails to live up to their democratic responsibilities, as we see them.  We will also keep District Councillors fully aware of the social media analytical information

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