A commonly-expressed view at Local meetings centres on the predetermined position of the Council.  It is widely felt a decision has been made already and it will be difficult to remove the greenbelt agricultural land owned by Trinity College from the Draft Plan.  We disagree!  The Local Plan is heavily reliant on the Lichfields supporting documentation, which does not stand up to close examination.  Not only that, but it appears their 'evidence' is so weighted in favour of their client's wishes they may be answerable to their professional association.  More on that in due course.


The single largest problem is the sheer size of the Local Plan.  The Plan, together with it's supporting documentation, runs to thousands of pages and tens of thousands of words tables and diagrams.  As things stand, there is absolutely no possibility those charged with making decisions can possibly assimilate this information and reach intellectually-valid conclusions for the District.  Given a great deal of time, it is possible to look at an individual topic such as Innocence Farm.  However, doing so involves wading through a great deal of pseudo-science and psycho-babble, supposedly justifying unsupported and intellectually-flawed conclusions.  Many people will sense a high level of obfuscation aimed at justifying a pre-determined conclusion.

Several of the various Documents we have sourced are listed below you can either read them directly from here or download a copy.