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All About Community Values

The Steering Group met last Monday night and we learned of a couple who had approached one of our drop-in sessions. They told us they had supported KATCAG whilst we were campaigning on the issues, but ceased to do so once things became "political". As a result, we felt we should make our position clear.

First off, KATCAG HAS NO PARTY-POLITICAL ALLEGIANCES WHATEVER!!! We launched the East Suffolk Alliance to bring together District Councillor Candidates from all parties who are committed to reviewing the 'Soundness' observations received in response to the 2nd Consultation. We are actively involved in discussions with Candidates / Representatives of all parties + Independents. Were we to favour any one particular party, you can bet your life the others would drop us like a shot!

Having made this clear, please understand what we ARE trying to do. If we can persuade enough people to elect these candidates, there is a widely-held belief we can right many of the Plan's wrongs, as identified by communities, parish councils and individuals in their 2nd Stage "Soundness" responses.

Essentially, what every one of us supports is a value system that seeks to

and to

Of course, there are several other similar objectives, but the East Suffolk Alliance (ESA) can be characterised as an environment-based campaign. It is not party-political in any sense at all!

However, now that our 2nd Stage submissions have been lodged, ESA does offer us a second bite of the cherry and we ask for your support, whatever your personal political allegiance. In our view the District Councillor Election on 2nd May needs to be focused on community concerns and local issues only - nothing more, nothing less!

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