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2020 Thoughts

As we head to 2020...I would just like to voice a few thoughts.
I cannot be alone in thinking that the timing of Bidwell's press release about the Howlett Way proposed development to the newspapers was underhand. Sneaky even... because it is the busiest holiday time of the year! Despite this KATCAG has kept on holding meetings.Please keep your eye on this website for a further Post of Some Importance.When you read it I hope it will reassure our determined community that every effort is still being made. What is strange is that there has been no further blaze of publicity from East Suffolk Council on what urgent plans they have following their declaration of a 'CLIMATE EMERGENCY'!!!!! That was in July 2019! We have worked out a few facts if Howlett Way plans were to progress. The new population will mean at least 4000 more car movements on a daily basis. As we know our village roads are already under considerable stress due to the many new houses and traffic increase. We have also worked out that, despite strong vociferous protest from the community, the Council stands to make a great deal of money from this development.  MILLIONS...a percentage will go to the parish councils.If we become stifled with cars, pollution, crowded buildings, decimated wildlife and nature, NO amount of money will make up for this pillaging of our peaceful way of life. Next on the list of targets wilI be Innocence Farm. The purity of the soil playing host to thousands of lorries and containers. We are asking Government if they are going to honour their Environmental promises. Numerous letters have gone to the Prime Minister, Defra and Therese Coffey.Also the 'A Walk on the Wild Side' video we made.

Defra have written a long letter back. This includes the statement 'areas of poorer quality land should be preferred to those of higher quality' . Howlett Way field and Innocence Farm consists of the highest grades and highest quality of agricultural soil. It should therefore be left alone to grow our food.China is buying up vast farmland areas all over the world as they see fertile farmland is being key to the survival of life. Wars are already being fought over soil like ours.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to everyone. Thanks for your determination. Thank you for rising above negativity. We remain committed with your strong support.
A very Happy New Year to All!
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