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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Hopefully, we've reached you all with last week's Newsletter, bringing you up to date...if not...please let us know! Our team have delivered thousands of leaflets. Have we missed anyone?

One of the key things now is to alert people to our CrowdJustice site. There are several people who said they would be willing to help with funding once our commitments became apparent. We could do with some additional help, particularly if you have yet to help us financially. 

We have sent out Pledge Recovery letters in the last few days and should be well on our way to meeting KATCAG's current liabilities.  However, whilst feeling optimistic about the outcome of the Hearing, we recognise the possibility of us having to do more.  There is a possibility we may yet need to be represented at a further Hearing Day and wer'e wanting to prepare the ground for this.


To explain, we will shortly be publishing the Council's response to our recent Freedom of Information Requests (their response was received earlier this week). At the same time, we will publish a letter we are about to send to the Inspector, as a result.

As regards CrowdJustice, we have 28 days to reach a target of 5000 pounds and are over halfway to reaching it. Ten pounds.. or twenty...or more... from all...will help us to get there.

The cost of representation to one side, it can be anticipated there will be future attempts by Trinity College Cambridge and East Suffolk Council to cover us in concrete and destroy our valuable food-growing soil. We need to be ready. Despite our efforts, we are all too aware how many people walk their dogs, go rambling, ride horses along our bridleways, yet still have NO IDEA what Trinity College and the Council have in store for us! Our Wellbeing is completely linked to our open countryside and the abundance of Wildlife it provides a home to.

Our main foe is APATHY, but we will persist with our efforts to wake people up? What will happen when the bulldozers come in? Everyone on the Felixstowe Peninsula will be affected by pollution from yet more developments on high grade farmland. In KATCAG's opinion we will need this soil to feed our growing population and we need to encourage those in charge to enhance Brownfield sites and build there instead.  We should be giving our young people the chance to 'Grow Up Green'!

Without being melodramatic, it's no exaggeration to say wars are now being fought in other parts of the world over fertile soil for food production. If somebody says to you 'It won't affect me'...Tell them "Yes, it will"!

Please spread the word. Time is running short! Support us at:

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