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Could Be Something Of A Howler!

Some of you may be interested in the full text of a letter sent earlier today to Mark Edgerley - Senior Planner, SCDC

Dear Mark,

In pulling together our “Representations” over the weekend, we revisited the on-line edition of the Final Plan and specifically – SCLP12.35 – Land at Innocence Farm.

To our surprise and dismay, we discovered that the text and maps seem to be a mix of both the First and the Final Plans. Even the page numbering is different from the copy of the Final Plan we had downloaded some time ago. Crucially, the current version does not include the retreat to 67Ha and the plan shows the whole of Innocence Farm as being designated for employment purposes.

This is more than a minor slip-up. People will have invested time and money looking at an incorrect version of the Policy approved by Council. A number of local residents have raised the matter with us. It is evident people are now confused as to what the you are proposing. SCLP12.35 is but one of numerous Policies – if it is depicted incorrectly, then it has to be asked whether other errors have crept into the Final Plan document elsewhere.

As we see it, SCDC has little choice but to suspend the current Consultation, correct SCLP12.35, rigorously check the rest of the document and open a new Consultation.

I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

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