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We received an incomprehensible letter from the Council last week, which gave rise to an interesting internal debate! We eventually decided it was telling us the 978 signatures on our Petition (gathered over 36 hours!) were not eligible for consideration by the Planning Cabinet. It appeared to say a petition cannot be valid in the context of the Local Plan’s approval but would be valid in respect of a planning application submitted after the Local Plan had been approved!!!! We found this so unbelievable it called for a check our interpretation of the letter is correct.

Accordingly, we have replied to the Head of Legal, Hilary Slater, asking her to confirm our understanding. At the same time, we have pointed out the reality of what happened over those 36 hours and suggested the Council need to start taking our ca

mpaign far more seriously.

A copy of the SCDC letter and our emailed reply can be viewed by clicking on the following link –

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