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Meet The Barrister

Meeting Report with Our Planning Law Barrister

On Monday, we made excellent progress. We met with Zack Simons and discussed the best way to raise our concerns about Suffolk Coastal District Council’s (SCDC) Draft Local Plan.

In the light of our discussion we are confident our arguments have real merit We were advised what we need to do next and how best to present our objections at the 2nd (and Final) Stage Consultation and then at the Inspector's Hearing in June.

All fired up and ready to tell you everything (!), I was promptly told most of our discussion with Zack had to remain confidential because of the legal nature of what we are involved in. However, I am allowed to tell you we now understand the planning and legal evidence that remains to be collected and coordinated.

This next stage is vital and involves instructing a planning consultant and getting more expert help from Zack. We quickly recognised the need for professional help, both with the drafting of our submissions and, when necessary, speaking on our behalf.

Now we must press on with our fund-raising efforts in January. Planning consultants and lawyers do not come cheap!

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