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Sizewell C Proposal

KATCAG has been contacted by several people concerned about the proposed Sizewell C lorry park on Innocence Farm. We were not all that surprised to learn of it; there have been rumours for some time. In reality, a pre-requisite would be approval by the Inspector in June of a change to the planning status of Innocence Farm.

For our part, we remain as confident as we can be that no such change is likely, For the last few months, we have had some very clever people examining the SCDC evidence base being put forward in support of a change of use for Innocence Farm. It's likely we know it better than they do!.

Our experts (and they are expert) have concluded the Plan is riven with important legal frailties and will not stand up to scrutiny at the Inspector's Hearing in June. The Plan is 'unsound'.

As far as Sizewll C is concerned, they appear to want 9 acres only and there is a lot more land available right now, just a few miles up the road. Admittedly, some of it is not owned by Trinity College and is not within SCDC's rateable area !!!

We want you to believe in what we're doing. Come to the meeting on Wednesday and find out more. We're not in a panic about this and wish to offer a measure of re-assurance to anyone who is anxious.

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