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Things Are Going OK

We're entering a critical stage of the Campaign now and it's all hands to the pump! With a small additional effort, our local world can change for the better. We're not leading you on!

Site followers will recall we announced a two-pronged strategy several months ago. Things are going OK on both fronts. A more detailed update follows:

Strategy 1 - With regard to the representations put forward by KATCAG, the Parish Councils and many of our site followers, there is evidence our combined efforts have become a major concern for the Council and the landowners. We knew we had done a good job 'rubbishing' the evidence base, but it is interesting to note Trinity College have now used the 'Final Response' consultation to introduce a raft of what amounts to new evidence. Clearly, this has not been subject to public consultation but, no matter, it will be dealt with at the Inspector's Hearing. On that front, we learn an Inspector has just been appointed who has a reputation for insisting any proposals should be 'deliverable'. The main problem for us is not the strength of our case, but rather our ability to afford Zach Simons, a top-drawer planning barrister, to present it.

After the Auction of Promises, we are going to heavily promote the Auction of Unwanted Items and Auctions will then run on a monthly basis. Anyone who can find a couple of hours to deliver the following leaflet (printed back-to-back) to approximately 100 households between 19th April - 2nd May please contact us at We'll bring you together, as you can be a huge and meaningful help to us.

Strategy 2 - was focussed on our need to promote candidates for the District Council Election on 2nd May. It was felt it might be possible for our candidates, if elected, to join with the minority parties and review the worst excesses of the Local Plan. This is looking like an increasingly viable strategy. Sherrie Green and Stephen Wrinch are finding they are being welcomed on the doorstep and there is a high level of disgust with the mainstream parties. Additionally, we have had extensive discussions with the candidates and representatives of all parties and there are early indications a coalition of "common sense" Councillors could find they have huge influence following the election.

For these reasons, the need to ensure Sherrie Green and Stephen Wrinch are elected in Orwell and the Villages Ward continues to be important and we have a second leaflet that needs to be delivered alongside the ones above. Clearly, if you are willing to deliver the leaflets, you will need to be someone wanting to put local issues first. Neither Sherrie nor Stephen have any party alignment whatever; they are and will remain focussed on local issues only. The two sides of the leaflet (folded into 1/3 of A4 for distribution) read as follows:

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