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Update & Strategy Summary

We have recognised for some time the need to organise another leaflet-drop and, ideally encourage our leaflet droppers to ‘engage’ with residents wherever possible.  This step was agreed at the KATCAG Champions meeting held at Kirton Church Hall on 9th January, when all present agreed to be leaflet droppers. How to reach ‘non-Facebook’ people and those without a computer was discussed, at the same time.

We have had to delay a leaflet drop because

  • We recognise we cannot call on the good will of our Champions to deliver leaflets too often and we wanted them to deliver more than a single item

  • We wished to ensure a joined-up strategy that linked with PR initiatives elsewhere

  • In the event, we did not receive the planning consultant recommendations until last week, which meant

  • We were unable to agree the choice of planning consultant and we wanted to advise people of the consultant who will be working with us

  • Because we recognise fund-raising to be an urgent and important consideration, we have delayed several initiatives, many of which require us to have a conventional bank account.  The bank account has been a nightmare to set up, but was finally put in place yesterday afternoon

  • We have been unable to set up a return PO Box address (hopefully to be finalised in the next week or so), which means

  • An important funding initiative has yet to be launched, although we have finalised the supporting documentation

  • We have a limited number of ‘supporter’ post codes and it has not been easy to plot these and allocate delivery areas – we did not want people to operate at random as some would receive several leaflets and many would receive none.  Again, it is hoped the necessary allocations can be made later today or tomorrow.


  • We have agreed to run drop-in sessions (2 a week, if we can) at various points where there are lots of passers-by.  These will commence on Thursday week and will be publicised as part of the leaflet drop

  • It was agreed we should fall back on the ‘Core Values’ published on our web site and try and find ways of reaching the 18-30 year olds.  To assist with this, a Falkenham parishioner, Mark Husband, has joined the Steering Group and will be working alongside a young marketing executive, Florence Irvine, to drive forward an initiative aimed at young people.  They have already identified how and to whom initiatives should be made.

  • The idea of establishing our own District Councillors was felt to be a good one. It has been agreed, also, we should attempt to work with and support a candidate from any Party who is prepared to share our Core Values and indicate they are pre-disposed (not pre-determined) to support an initiative to temporarily suspend the Local Plan, ahead of changes to be identified by our planning consultant.  These are likely to include the removal of Innocence Farm + other ‘employment’ sites and a consequential re-working of the Government’s formula for the overall SCDC house building figure.

  • It was agreed equal effort should be put into the preparation for the Inspector’s Hearing, to ensure two strong strategies are running side-by-side

  • We agreed to host a 3rd Community Meeting to be held on 12th February.  It’s purpose will be to explain a little about soundness and guide people in the completion of their submissions to the Inspector (2nd Consultation response).  This will entitle them to attend and speak at the Inspector’s Hearing – now there is a thought!

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