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We've Only Just Begun!

By way of supporting Felixstowe’s local communities, the Kirton and Trimley Community Action Group (KATCAG) is currently active on two fronts.

Firstly, we have spent the last month preparing detailed, well-argued and compelling submissions ahead of the Inspector’s review of the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan. These will be submitted on time, ahead of the 25th February deadline. They are sound documents that are very persuasive in the context of (i) Felixstowe Peninsular housing allocations and (ii) the attempt to sacrifice Innocence Farm.

A sample submission can be viewed at

We are now focussing on the East Coast Alliance announced at the last Community Meeting. We already have Lib-Dem, Labour, Green and our own Independent candidates in all but a small handful of the newly-defined East Suffolk Wards, so we're doing well. They will be standing as District Councillor candidates on 2nd May, 2019 and will all be promoting a vision for righting some of the wrongs evident to most of us. If we can persuade the electorate to vote for them, we can anticipate a situation where a majority of newly-appointed Councillors will be able to block much of the damage threatened by the current Plan. In anticipation of this opportunity, a barristers opinion has been sought in respect of the options that could become available. So, prepare to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!.

By way of beating the drum, you will appreciate the cost of all this, together with the cost of planning consultants and barrister representation is huge. We need help. If every supporter reading this article can find a way to raise £100 - £250 from friends, families or other supporters, we will have cracked the funding challenge, so please log in to Tomorrow, we intend posting some suggestions about how you can help without ever leaving home!

We feel confident the outcome of all this will be worth it, so do make a real effort! Please help us by raising this sum and using the payment options on the web site. In this regard, we intend simplifying the payments page early next week.

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